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Mountains Of Heaven

Mountains Of Heaven

Poems and Relieving Anxiety and Stress
by Susanna Katherine

What greater love can be bestowed?
Our God came down for us to know.
What greater love can one give?
Than lose their life for another to live.
Sublime, supreme, awe inspired
Of the love of God I never get tired
Never there be in all of mankind
A story more beautiful to find
Oh perfect God Holy and true
You made me and kept me just for you
And when to You we disobeyed
You patiently waited until you could save
The ones whose choice is only you
Oh perfect God Holy and true.

"A Love Song to God"
by Susanna Katherine

What manner of love is this?
Wholly selfless, not greedy, agape it is.
Make me wiser all to find
Make me brighter too
Give me words that can bend a mind
To see the truth of You
Let me see Lord with your eyes
With Your ears let me hear
Wash my eyes Lord to see the wise
Even with many a tear
Dissolve the world around me
So only You I hear and see
Agape only agape... Spirit come in me
Comfort me, teach me, guide me so soon I am free.

When feeling panicky, fearful or depressed first spend time with God and pray for His help...also...

Think of a beautiful place where you want to be...see it, feel it, smell it, enjoy it...relax, slow your breathing down, sigh with deep slow breaths, focus all your attention on it and a good outcome that you can imagine happening instead of worrying about that something you repeatedly dread that probably will never happen or you can't do anything about anyway. When that demon of dread and fear shows up...immediately jump over to that beautiful place and put all your focus on it...dwell there...where the peace of the Lord is. Know that soon the discomfort will leave you and you will be fine.

Interesting Facts...

If you didn't have an imagination, you would not worry or be creative.

Everything good humans have accomplished started with somebody's imagination working in the right way.

Worry is also a function of imagination.

You can use your imagination for good thoughts, creativity, painting, writing, playing music, singing, etc. or you can use it for bad thoughts, worry and misery. It is your choice...choose wisely. Don't make yourself your own victim and ruin your life. The victim mentality is addictive so stop it immediately.

Thoughts become chemicals. Worry is bad thoughts that produce chemical imbalances.

Stress not handled properly and causing worry and fear produces flight or fight that causes too much adrenaline that makes the heart beat faster, the blood pressure to go up and many symptoms and feelings like you are dying.

Stress not handled properly can cause anxiety which can cause chest or upper abdomen discomfort, feeling of dread, rapid heart, chest pain, sweating, and feeling like not getting enough oxygen, breathing shallow or breathing too fast, panic attacks.

Stress handled properly can produce great creativity.

All great creativity is from great anxiety.

Panic attacks are a feeling of impending doom or about to die and create many other symptoms.

Imagery = visual arts, drama, poetry, creativity can calm the brain, relieve the effects of stress, expand awareness, add choices, empower the mind to think clear good thoughts instead of bad thoughts.

Imagining a peaceful, safe, beautiful place helps the one part of your brain tell the fight or flight part of your brain that it is beautiful and safe so it hits the all clear and not the fight or flight stress (fast heartbeat, anxiety feelings).

Being creatively busy with you mind, hands and body keeps these demons of worry, fear, and anxiety away.

Idle (not busy, work-shy) hands are the devil's workshop.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge."

"Above wisdom."...the wisdom of the Lord is the only wisdom.

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