Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spiritual Warfare Book By Scott Meade

Picture Of Book Cover Of My Spiritual Warfare Painting

A very talented author used my painting of Spiritual Warfare on the cover of his new book called Spiritual Warfare: Fighting Demons. I highly recommend the book because it is biblically correct and Christians need this information to use in their lives to do what Jesus told us to do and what He did when He walked this earth. It is not a long book but is packed full of wisdoms and can be used as a handy reference guide. The author Scott Meade uses scriptures and also personal experiences that are very interesting and he really relates well with the younger generation. You can easily pick up this book for under 8 dollars at Just click on books and do a search for Scott Meade or click the link on the left on this page.  Also, something that is really neat is that you can also read it for under one dollar on a reading device such as a Kindle.  Scott is more interested in getting this important information out than making a lot of money. Kindles are so wonderful to have because you can save money in the long run. Books are  usually at least half the price and some can be purchased for under one dollar like Scott's book. You can order a Kindle on this website too. Just scroll down and find the link below. 

Painting Of White Horse, Barn And Mountain

 Horse, Barn And Mountain

Painting Of Red Roses

Red Roses

Painting Of Peacock Birds

 Peacock Bird 3

Painting of Four Stork Birds With Baby

Stork Birds With Baby
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Painting Of Yorkshire Puppy Dogs

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dogs

These Little Yorkshire Puppy Dogs are sisters and they are rarely ever apart for very long. One is almost twice as large as the other.  They keep each other warm at night while sleeping and they love to play together.