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Trees And Flowers In Spring

Trees And Flowers In Spring
Ways, Tips, and Finds for Health and Peace of Mind:
Rogue Cancer Cells

Every cell in the body is like a tiny living entity that requires a wide array of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, protein, and amino acids to perform perfectly to keep your body healthy and free from sickness and disease.  But just as important or maybe more so is each cells need for oxygen.  If a cell does not get enough oxygen, it will become a rogue cancer cell and then it will actually prefer a non-oxygen environment and thrive on the sugar you ingest through sweets and starchy carbs that turn to sugar. 
To keep healthy you must surround every cell with life giving oxygen by deep breathing in fresh clean air that is oxygenated by trees and plants that put out oxygen.  This is best done by moving the body around through working, cleaning, exercising and not sitting or lying for long periods of time every day.  Not moving the body stagnates it so that fungus, mold and viruses thrive.  If you put a food closed up tightly in a plastic where it gets no air and oxygen in a dark refrigerator, it will get moldy very quickly while keeping it out in the air makes it stay fresher longer even though the coldness of the refrigerator inhibits deterioration the fresh food must get some air.  Likewise inside of the body the cells without oxygen are like suffocating in plastic wrap and they turn into a cancer cell to survive on sugar because sugar is very acid and cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment and do not like an alkaline environment. 
Acid producing foods in the body are meats, wheat, non-raw corn fed dairy especially cheese, pastries, sugar and soft drinks.  It takes 29 parts of alkalinity to neutralize 1 part acidity and colas are off the chart with a ph of 2.3 acidity.  The body should be a little above 7.0 which means alkaline.  Alkaline foods are mostly raw vegetables and fruits because cooking makes them more acid.  But a little cooked or steamed is better than not eating any vegetables.  Some fruits have a high amount of sugar so be careful to not eat way too much of these because of the risk of diabetes. 
I am not a doctor but with the vast amount of research I have done on alternative doctors that I respect like Mercola, Berg, Berman, Wallach and many others, I feel I have taken all of this information and gathered some facts that they agree on which I think are correct.  You can take what I have said and use it or dismiss it.   It is your choice.  I am only writing this to help the people that will accept this information and try it.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  My next article will be about what I have learned from the doctors about the need for protein.

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