Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Painting of Apple Repeat - This Time Choose Life

Painting of Apple Repeat - This Time Choose Life

Trick me once, I am a fool...trick me twice and I am a really stupid fool.

This time I hope we pass up the forbidden apple and obey God for a change and pass up all the pain, suffering, misery, starvation, disasters, thorns, diseases, sickness, animals eating animals, humans eating animals and death...none of which existed in the Garden of Eden that God provided for man.  We made the wrong choice and chose sin and the world of lies, deception, immorality, hatred, wars, sickness, disease, pain and death for ourselves and animals too.  This time I choose God's way and everlasting life out of hell...through Jesus Christ.  I don't make friends with God's enemies like vampires, werewolves, witches and the like that are being made popular now and accepted. I won't give them any time in my life.   Don't even try that apple again with me devil

You are very fortunate and given another chance to become a new creature...a child of God again and not satan...born again into a new life and person and no more a descendent of the fall...given a last warning...don't take the bad fruit from evil and satan.  How do you do this?  Tell your Father God that you choose Jesus and the cross and the blood that He shed for you to wash you of all sins from the fall. There can be no forgiveness without the shedding of perfect blood in God's perfect kingdom...it is the only way to God...through Jesus Christ's perfect, sinless blood on the cross for you. Tell Him you are sorry for all your sins and ask Him to cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ.  When you make this choice...the right choice...you will be changed (in Gods' timing) and be able to escape the world and its sin and temptation with God's help knowing the love of God for you and that there is hope now for eternal life with God and not in hell.  You will understand His love letter to you (The King James Bible) more fully now if you ask and that will show you all truths that you need to know as you spend time everyday reading it.  That is the one way...the only way...I hope and pray all who read this find it...for the way is narrow and few find it.

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