Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Painting Of The Two Beasts Of Revelations

Painting Of The Two Beasts Of Revelations

The horned beast with dragon wings is the first beast that comes up out of the water (considered the antichrist spirit, the final antichrist at the end, and satan (dragon) who is behind it all) and has the mouth of a lion, the body of a leopard and the feet of a bear (Russia). It has 7 heads representing the powers that persecuted Israel in the past and the final head that will in the future. The last head on the tail end of history and which has not happened yet, is the final power that will persecute Israel in the great tribulation of Armageddon and will consist of 10 horns (powers -rulers or nations=horns) that will try to annihilate Israel but just before the end the Lord will come and take over and stop it.
The second beast will come in to help the final antichrist by making an image of the beast antichrist that will talk (image on the TV/computer monitor likely) demanding worship to the antichrist and the mark of the beast (666). The second beast comes in looking like a lamb (Christian spiritual leader) but talks like a dragon (fire coming out of his mouth like a dragon and upon the earth). He is a fake prophet and is later called the false prophet.

Also included is the sign of satan (fingers positioned as the horns of satan) for the horns on the lamb like beast. For years, celeBRATies and politicians have flashed this sign with their hand and most or many of them  are in with the new world order /illuminati/satanic-luciferian (ones who have sold their soul to satan for worldly fame or chosen him over God and Jesus). The blind’s hand sign for LOVE is very similar to the satan sign and it was thought many were just signing LOVE but then it was  discovered that in the Satanic Bible, it shows satan's sign and it includes the same sign or very similar as the blinds sign for love there.  It is possible that  most who do this sign very often know what they are doing, maybe not always consciously…or they have chosen out of ignorance…people die for lack of knowledge. There may be a few that really mean love (the blind of course) when they are signing it with their hand but probably not many. The enemy in this world likes to confuse us and also throws in the excuse that it is a popular sports sign which in most cases is a lie. Many believe these lies and that is how it is accepted...and he gets by with just about anything now. 

One of the most unbelievable things in this world (which the Word says is satan’s right now) is that these people can do these evil things in plain sight thinking that we are all too ignorant to figure out what they are doing...or that most do not even care. There is a falling away from the truth and apostasy has gripped the world. People have been lulled and deceived into loving and accepting what is popular in the culture.  When you love, are interested in, or accept as normal God's enemies (satan, vampires, werewolves, wizards and witches and the like) you cannot love God the way He deserves.  These evil things are not good...but satan wants you to believe they and he are good and also that real good is bad.  Let all who have ears to hear (understand the truth) choose the truth of God and not lies from satan.  The Bible says in the last days evil will be considered good and good will be considered evil and many will be lovers of evil and disobedient to parents.  Much of the tv for the young shows much disrespect for parents and elderly brainwashing the future generations to this and destroying families which God loves and satan hates. The great civilizations of the past have all fallen and have in common that they became cold hearted and disrepectful to thier parents and the elderly.  Be very careful what you let your children watch.  The Disney programs are filled with this evil and destruction of people and families and moral decline even though in our culture now we have been lulled over the last generations into thinking they are normal and harmless when in fact they are death to any chance of eternal life with God.
  The above painting is from Revelations 13:1 , verses 11-18

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