Monday, March 21, 2011

Painting Of Spiritual Warfare Of Heart And Mind

Painting Of Spiritual Warfare Of Heart And Mind

The enemy works through your mind, for what you think gets into your heart.  He tries to make you think there is no God, you don't need God if there is one, or you can be your own God.  He also wants you to feel worthless and tells you lies so that you don't realize you are a child of the most high God.  God looks upon the heart to see what consumes it...the Creator or created things in the world.  The choice of the world with it's sin and iniquities causes Him to be far away.  There is very much Spiritual Warfare of the heart and mind.  Even though we may call Him King, we make Him powerless in our lives when we love the world (the created things) more than the Creator. We want the world...we get it...then we blame God for it. 

We need Jesus in our heart.

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