Sunday, January 3, 2010

Painting of Apple Repeat-Choose Now

Jesus Salvation With Angles And Demons
This Christian painting shows what I believe is the true meaning of life and spiritual warfare.  We are here to make a choice and learn sort of like we do in a school.  With great love, our Creator gave us free choice to either choose Him or evil.  We cannot be in the presence of the Holy God in eternity unless we are without sin. One law of God is that there is no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of perfect blood.  None of us are perfect enough to redeem ourselves from sin and gain salvation.  There is only one perfect enough.  There is no greater thing that could have happened to you and me than our God that created us loved us so much that He came down and died on the cross and shed His precious blood for us so that we could have the choice to spend eternity with Him. He paid our sin debt for us.  Life can be very difficult but it would be unbearable if we had a God that did not care about us enough to make a way out of our problem. Amazingly, He wants us to be His children throughout eternity.  So that alone can make one able to stand anything life throws at them.  With every mistake, there is lesson learned that improves us, brings us closer to God, and prepares us for a very busy eternity where our experiences here on earth will be of eternal value for our work then.  The world lies, deceives, and tricks us into thinking we are not worth anything and our life means nothing beyond death.  That could not be further from the truth.  Everything we do and fail to do is observed and kept on record.  Even if we accept Jesus Christ's blood to wash away our sins, this record of our life will be used on our judgment day to determine our rewards. Each of our lives matter tremendously to the one who created us called Jesus.
This painting of Jesus Christ and His adversary shows how they are both inviting us to be theirs.  One gives eternal life and the other may give fame and fortune for awhile here on earth if you do his bidding, but in the end, sooner or later he takes your life and after that is eternal separation for God and everlasting hell.     

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