Friday, July 10, 2009

Painting Of Heart Tree Of Hope Of A New Beginning

You can have just about any color you can think of.  Below are just some of the colors available.    
Both the heart and the tree are strong symbols of life. This unusual art is an artist-original oil painting symbolizing life, love and the hope of a new beginning.

The tree is an ancient, universal symbol of life, strength, and growth. Because trees are tall, strong and provide shelter they are revered throughout history. They seem to live and die and live again as they lose their leaves and then grow new ones again.
They bear fruit and clean the air we breathe. They are beloved through out history and in the Bible, the Tree of Life links earth with heaven. In the time of the Pharaohs they were thought to hold the dead souls and trees were honored in magnificent gardens of the dead.

The heart has a spiritual, intellectual, emotional connotation. In the past, the heart was thought to be the seat of the human mind therefore together with the emotional link, evolved into the symbol of the heart in representation of love. The symbols coloring of red is linked to the blood, passion and emotion of romantic love.
When you place these two symbols together it makes a truly unique powerful painting symbolizing a renewed hope in love and a new beginning.
Interesting helpful information...

To place a heart symbol in your document....

To use html (like in myspace etc.)....Type in
& hearts ; (without the spaces) ♥ ♥ ♥

or...Go to 'symbols' in Word then copy & paste…click on page where you want to insert the heart. Go to insert - special character

or...♥ -- Character map=Start>Programs>Accessories>System tools>map>symbols font>♥

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